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The Private Lives of the Sun Signs

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The Private Lives of the Sun Signs by Katharine Merlin
Katharine Merlin, renowned astrologer with four decades of experience, shares her wealth of cosmic knowledge in The Private Lives of the Sun Signs. From Aries to Pisces, Merlin presents in-depth analyses of each of the twelve zodiac signs, illustrating their unique characteristics with astonishing accuracy and depth. Drawing upon wisdom gleaned over the course of her extensive career, Merlin provides invaluable insight and understanding into the idiosyncrasies of each sign—the way they process emotions, communicate, find motivation, relate to one other, fall in love, and more.

Through Merlin’s illuminating descriptions, each astrological sign is understood more deeply—in an effort for each sign to learn to harness the potential of their own nascent gifts and take control of their lives. And, by becoming familiarized with the signs of friends and partners, readers can develop understanding and appreciation for their distinctive qualities, finding ways that different signs can complement each other and allow relationships to blossom. The book is not a predictor of future events to come, but instead a tool that will allow people to understand themselves and their loved ones more deeply.

The Private Lives the Sun Signs offers a fascinating and comprehensive look into the matrix of the zodiac signs, complete with supportive anecdotes, proving that this ancient science continues to offer invaluable guidance to a contemporary audience. In addition to the profoundly thorough astrological profiles, the book is festooned with gorgeous vintage illustrations from A Celestial Atlas, which makes it a gorgeous gift or treasured personal keepsake.