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Travertine Book Strap MacBook Folder

PM basics x Khoi Le

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Travertine Book Strap MacBook Folder
PM basics has collaborated with Khoi Le to bring you the ultimate leather folder.
This instantly recognizable accessory is reminiscent of time spent in elementary school or at an Ivy League school.
The Travertine Folder is constructed as a case for a 13” MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (2016 and newer), iPad Pro, or as a hold-all for your documents. The exterior allows for books and notepads to be kept separately, yet within the same element. The cross straps allow for fluidity, yet, when safely secured with tension slides, you won't have to worry about misplaced books.

Dimensions: 37cm length x 28cm height. Zip Opening: 33cm.
100% leather. Handmade in the USA.